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IMG Dealers

Thank you for your interest in becoming a dealer of IMG products. Since our dealers purchase larger quantities than regular retail customers, they are eligible for special pricing. To qualify as a dealer, your purchases must meet our minimum order requirements. Your first purchase from IMG must be at least $2,500 and future purchases must contain five or more guns.

If you need smaller quantities, please locate a retailer that sells our products.

Become a Dealer

Dealers must have a valid Federal Firearms License (FFL). Dealers located in Kentucky must also submit a business license.

If you would like to become a dealer, please create an account on our website. You will then need to submit your FFL (and business license, if applicable.) You may fax them to 502-695-6813, or email to Please include the email address that you used when creating your account.

After verifying your application, we will set up your account. This will allow you to order products at the special dealer price through our website. You may also order by calling us toll free at 855-695-6812.